Etiquette of a Corporate Communication: Essentials for Young Specialists

It is communication that lets us stay connected and understand each other’s needs. Although we usually refer it to our personal life mostly, we cannot underestimate the importance of corporate communication. It is quite different than the one, which we participate with in a daily life, as it is governed by a different purpose and has special functions. Here are several rules, which you should take into account when becoming a part of a corporate culture.

Rule #1. Remember who an addressee of the message is. Email

Corporate communication is quite formal despite its attempting to be very gracious. As the communicational unit is a message it has two sides: the one who is producing and sending it and the recipient. If you are playing the role of a sender you should take into account the role and status of the person, which you are addressing. Usually work teams are built on the hierarchical basis. This is why you should be aware of the position and personal peculiarities of the person but never forget to be friendly with anyone.

Rule #2. Make your message pointing.

Do not send out the emails, messages or start conversations, which do not have any purpose. A time is a precious resource, especially at work. This is why all your messages must contain subjects and their aims must be clear. Indicate what kind of response you need to get or why you decide to address other people.

Rule #3. Why does anyone else need to care?

One of your goals is to make your communication effective. In order to reach a person with your clear message about something and have a positive feedback you should line out the benefits of your dispatch to others. Think why other people, apart from you, may consider the subject of your communication important and how to make them act meritoriously regarding your purpose.

Rule #4. Use emoji wisely.

Recently, different kinds of emojis have become more than popular in written communication. There are a plenty of them so one can express any feeling, desire or even substitute words with them. If you got used to inserting emoticons in your messages you should be attentive about using them in business communication. For sure, they are not the tools of teenagers only nowadays and can bring some fun or break the ice in corporate talks. However, if you have a very official letter you should leave your emojis with you for better times.

Rule #5. Do not get offended by insensitive responses. Sad person

At the moment, corporate culture of big companies is well-developed and they, typically, take corporate communication with responsibility. However, it may happen that you receive a response, which might seem to you not friendly, sharp and even severe. First of all, do not take any email or message offensive. Sometimes, people that are sending messages can be just not in the best mood at the moment and may sound not nice enough. Also, certain words, signs etc. may be forgotten in a rush as the sender did not have a chance to re-read the letter.

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