Composing a Conclusion Paragraph to Make Your Essay Shine

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Everyone has heard of how significant the first impression is, and we all try to make it as good as we can. At the same time, some of us underestimate the value of a strong ending. The same goes with writing any paper, too. We want to give the paper an impressive start, and think that the conclusion will be created in a process, and here is where we are mistaken. In this case, what are the hints to make the conclusion paragraph leave a deep impression and be memorable?

Take Time to Think

Actually, the conclusion paragraph is meant to highlight your main idea in the light of evidence and facts. It is just an opinion in the first paragraph and later it grows into a knowledge-based point of view till the end of your paper. Make this idea a guiding light through the paper, and make the last part a brief list of supporting facts.

Keep the Purpose in Mind

Before even starting, ask yourself: what does this paragraph do? It actually makes a little takeout from the ingredients of your paper and gives it to the reader to eat it up. This is what stays with the reader after your paper is read through. Make it a good takeout.

Stress on Your Idea

Your opinion is proven to be correct now, so let everyone know it in the final part. Outline the most important details that will let the reader understand your point and be convinced even if they only read only the last paragraph. A good way to do it will be listing down the idea of every paragraph of the main body in a neat way.

Make It Flow

Someone clever has come out with a trick called «So What Game». What you do is you write down a thought and ask yourself: «So what?». In the next sentence you should respond. The technique will make the paragraph logically guide the reader from one thought to another.

Let It Be a Mirror

Compose your last paragraph as a reflection of the whole paper by paraphrasing the thesis, adding the key words used earlier, most importantly in the introduction. Feel free to bring out the same images you have used in the beginning, but not too many. It will create a logical loop for the reader and will make the paper look finished and complete.

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