Essay-Analysis: Shall College Athletes be Paid Salaries?

College Athletes

Student-athletes do not lead easy lives. You have to wake up early and go on your daily course of exercises. You should eat well and live by the strict routine. You go to the gym, then train with the team, write as many essays as your tired self can do letting essay writers handle the rest, and then you wake up on the other day and start it all over again. Seems like a full-time job, don’t you think? Yes, it is a full-time job, very hard and all for free.  That is why sportspeople from university do not understand why they don’t have any material award for everything they do for their school. Just recall your last exercise! After training – whether it is cardio or weight lifting – you feel tired and have to take time to recover. Hardly will you go to the library and read school literature. Society has two opinions on the matter: that universities have to pay teams and that they should be satisfied with the scholarships. They all can explain their point of view with the range of arguments. Still, it is unclear who is right, but you can always study both sides and make your own conclusions while writing an essay. That is why essays and articles with analysis of this theme are so useful. To be more specific, this topic is great for persuasive writing.

Yes, Because They Work a Lot

Student-athletes work a lot, and any job has to be rewarded. But they do not get a reward in the present time; they can only hope that their hard work will be compensated. Of course, college athletics is an extracurricular activity, participation in which is student’s own choice. But, on the other side, team members take part in a lot of games, work as hard as professional sportspeople and have a lot of responsibilities. Responsibility is usually entitled to a job, right? That is why people are voting for them to be paid. Also, student-athletes cannot focus on their essays and other types of academic writing, while playing for a team.

Of course, students that are doing athletics usually get a scholarship. That is always an argument that people use against salaries for members of student teams. But let’s see it from the other point of view. Money that students get in general covers everything that is connected to an academic part, such as books, food, etc. But what about their other needs? Not essays, studying and lectures, but like clothes, parties, and leisure time – they just have no time for a job because of their strict routine.

No, Because the Scholarships Are Just Enough

Student-athletes always get coverage for school tuition and people guess that their job is to play in teams because of the privilege they get, so more money is an unnecessary bonus in their opinion. Why other students that participate in other extracurricular activities, such as science clubs and theatre, do not even think about any compensation? They also take part in national competitions and spend a lot of time for them. Also, being a part of university team is not a burden but a privilege. Students who have experience in sports can have chances in professional teams after the study is over.

You should mention another argument against these salaries in your essay. It is very simple. Some colleges just cannot afford it. Universities get money from the government, and the private ones are also spending money on team members. They just cannot find any more money to pay salaries. After all, not all students are making a profit for the team. Some are not planning to follow the athletic path after school but are doing sports to get a scholarship, which is completely fine but still, not the reason for an additional salary. If you need these reasons to be organized to write a well-done essay and you do not know how to do this, just let the experts at GreatPaper.Co.Uk take care of this.

Of course, that is not up to us to decide on this debate, but we hope that after all, this question will be closed. It is still unclear which side will win the debate, though.

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