Mistakes, or How to Gain Results while Choosing Cosmetics

Make-up is needed to improve the appearance and hide the disadvantages of face or body skin. Carefulness and attentive attitude may save your beauty and prolongs its shine and brightness. Almost each girl or woman knows the rules of choosing the appropriate beauticraft for her skin and body. However, as practice shows, the results of their choice are often awful and unfortunate. Some allergic reactions, rushes and appearing of breakouts may happen afterwards.

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Rules to Know Choosing Your Make-Up

Let’s notice the main steps of correct make-up choosing while testing new brands of cosmetics.

Rule # 1. Age

Choose any cosmetic product only according to your age. Tell the consultant about your age without any shyness. Your age influences the skin type and changes its structural qualities. That’s why products for young skin will be useless for middle-aged group and for those with the more mature skin. The anti-aging products won’t suit to young girls, because it may spoil the effect, and even cause the opposite one and negative reaction of your body. Otherwise you’ll waste money and time for healing the consequences instead of being happy and feeling confident.

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Rule # 2. Skin

Choose any creme of any brand you like but only considering your skin type. The skin type is a foremost and prior element in a correct choosing of beauticraft. The type of skin changes with time and it depends on various conditions. The following factors have the influence at your skin type: age, the environmental conditions (temperature, humidity), and even seasonal changes. For example, a normal skin in summer becomes oilier, but in winter it may stay drier. So, you need to visit professional cosmetologist at least once a year and check the condition of your skin. A doctor will examine your skin and tell you how to save your beauty further. Do remember that there are 5 types of skin: dry, normal, oily, sensitive and mixed (mixed oily or mixed dry).

Rule # 3. Individual features

While choosing new cosmetics, do remember about your individual skin type features. It means you need to read thoroughly the content of the product and all side effects that it may cause. If you have an allergy, you ought to be very careful. Otherwise you’ll make your skin suffer from small errs. Sensitiveness of skin may hint you to choose hypoallergic products avoiding some dangerous components.

Rule # 4. Guarantee

If you look for the cosmetic products that will bring you exclusive instant effect, you are deeply wrong. There is no make-up that will work as a magic wound. It is false. Quick and qualitative solution comes only through the correct taking care of the skin and time, but nothing works at once. Stop cheating yourself! Any cosmetics is claimed to stimulate and retrieve skin functions to the maximum. Others may contain a huge amount of chemical biological active ferments that are forbidden.

Rule # 5. Terms of buying

Buy all cosmetic products only at the specialized shops or drugstores. They should have all necessary certificates and documentary for selling. Thus, your make-up will be qualified and certified and the results will be somehow appropriate. Nevertheless, do remember about terms of storage and keeping of the cosmetics according to the norms. Even the licensed products can be out of term and cause different problems.

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