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Many people want to become writers even in our times. Of course, this profession lost its popularity and prestige, but many creative people live thinking about starting to write a book one day, and creating a masterpiece. Here are eight of the most interesting and required tips for amateur and professional writers (find them at or those who have plans to become ones.   

You probably heard that every human is able to write at least one worthy book. The reason why this does not happen is hidden in psychology. The book is difficult to write because of many factors. The most part of them touches not only skills of good spelling and syntax, but psychology and motivation, and some tricks as well. So, be ready to investigate hidden obstacles: this may help you save weeks or months of your creative job. One part of tips is about organizational questions, the other part speaks of psychological difficulties.

  • 1. Be Patient

    Many creative people even don’t understand that writing a book is a quite slow and dull process. The happiness of thinking out an interesting scene can vanish when you understand that writing it to a paper from your mind is difficult enough. Good news: there are certain rules about creating scenes. Once you learn them, you’ll deal with the process a lot faster.

    Additionally, you’ll need to rewrite your book few times. Even if you wrote it carefully and thought out every single page, the full year can pass before you complete your book. Your internal world will change during this time, you’ll get experience and look at your book with other eyes, and you’ll start noticing numerous lacks in it. Professional writers say it is good to rewrite books 3 to 7 times.

  • 2. Write for Yourself 

    Of course, you should always orient on your readers, but if you are not interested in writing about the chosen topic, you’ll do nothing well. Some writers offer to write not about something you know, but about what you want to write. The difference is, you are going to study a mountain of literature materials in the second case. This will be useful for you personally.

    Remember that book writing is a long process, so you’ll have to find motivation every day. And if you are interested with the topic, then you will be rare to make yourself write.

  • 3. Write with no Inspiration

    Many people think this approach to kill the creativity. In fact, what kills creativity is one page per month. If you want to become a poet, then you can white when inspiration comes. If you want to write a book, then you’ll have to sit down to the desk even when there would be no wish to do that at all.

    Some writers say it is good to just make oneself write. Decide that you’ll sit at the desk for three hours per day without a laptop and phone (and without internet as a result). You may sit three hours in vain, or you can start writing. Your wish to get rid of boredom will overcome your fear and absence of inspiration, and you’ll start your engine later.

  • 4. Find Your Workplace

    Of course, there can be some of them. You can write in your room, in the forest, in the favorite cafe. But you need to write in a place where most part of your thoughts appear as often as possible. Some places tune to positive emotions but are totally useless to work in. So, determine places where you work and rest.

  • 5. Watch and Note

    Bad writers always want to be unique. They think out unrealistic dialogues just because of thinking that writing dialogues from their lives is to die as a writer. But actually, best novels and stories are being written exactly that way.

    So, think out when sitting near the desk, and watch & note interesting events, phrases, dialogues all the other time. Have a notebook with you.

  • 6. Write and Think on a Paper

    Paper dies out only for those who don’t feel its advantages. The wish to write everything down into any digital device influences your mind in a completely other way that writing on a piece of paper does. Electronic editing apps are limited, they don’t allow on making hundreds of regular things.

    Thinking on a paper is the great way to continue moving forward. If you feel there is noting you can think out, take a piece of paper and a pen. Start writing down and drawing everything that comes to your mind. If you thought out at least something (even if it doesn’t have any attitude towards your book), try developing your thought.

    Don’t forget that the best novels were written by people who used paper to think. Of course, there were other factors, but this one is among the main things.

  • 7. Move to the Beginning from the End

    Newbie writers like writing automatically. They like it only because of that reason they scare or feel difficult to start thinking.  Sitting at the desk and writing what appears in your head is much easier. Then revelation comes at a certain moment, you understand how to finish the story (because you’ve noticed the logic finally) and you finish it. Then someone reads it and says low-key compliments.

    The point is, everything in your book has to be under the main idea. The final part of your novel contains it. All the previous chapters just lead the reader to culmination. You don’t have to be a writer who writes a book and doesn’t know how to finish it. This is a mark of laziness and unprofessionalism.

    Of course, one can’t reject automatic writing at least because it gives real pleasure. You can do that, and you even have to write that way while you don’t know what your novel will be about. But after that, you need to look at the completed text critically and to delete many things.

    Remember, that any creative product is characterized by its wholeness. Art, scenery writing, novel writing, design, etc.: there have to be main things which are basis for everything else. So, think out the final chapter of your book and move backwards from it. Nobody can forbid you to change it later if you understand it is not good. Just don’t forget to rewrite existing chapters in the way to subordinate them to a new finish and new rules.

  • 8. If Your Writing is Bad, Start from the Very Beginning

    Unhappy writer

    It is always difficult to do that, as nobody likes to work in vain, but this is a part of the process. Additionally, if you’ve written a bad chapter, you need to see your lacks for some time and to say that you are not a genius of writing yet. That is why this advice is probably one of the most difficult from the point of psychology. Don’t cheat on yourself even if you think a scene or a chapter to be normal. It has to be good at least. Respect your reader.

    Someone thinks it is worth to start from small stories, but this is not obligatory at all. Find a topic or an idea that causes a big flow of emotions and good mood in your head, and let yourself start this wonderful journey.

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