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Writing a Report About the Best Ways of Having Spent Easter in 2018

Egg Hunting

I decided to write my essay on a great feast day, and I’m sure that one of the brightest holidays for all children is Easter. It means a lot of hilarious and strange games, plus also a tasty food like wonderful special bread and delicious holiday eggs. Besides, the happiness is enhanced by the fact that winter is coming to an end and summer holidays are looming on the horizon. This year we had a double-feast day: Easter combined with the first of April, which is the Fool’s Day. Such a coincidence happens very seldom, that’s why people tried to change the way they are celebrating Easter by making it a little bit crazy, but we will talk about it later.

How to Improve Your Writing

Writing Skills

Profound writing skills are considered to be the brightest and the most exquisite way of expressing emotions and thoughts. Sometimes, it’s quite hard to express the deepest feelings in speech, and it is much harder to do on the paper. We adore writers for their manner of presenting a plot and words, which have an appropriate position and don’t leave us indifferent.

Too Much Work: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a disease that holds many mysteries. It is a long-term disability, and its causes remain largely unknown. Unfortunately, there is no simple treatment with the effectiveness that has been demonstrated. The diagnostic criteria also pose a problem. However, there is no doubt that the CFS is a real health burden - individual and common.

Learning Another Language: How It Can Improve Your Cognitive Abilities

Hello in Different Languages

Cerebral recovery after head trauma or stroke and the transformation that the process of studying a new language causes in the brain and body are the favorite areas of some neurologists and professors, so they tell us more about the path of studying languages in the meanders of our brain. How can you ameliorate your brain productivity and study skills to learn faster? Let us discuss it.

Essay on Two Main Versions of a World Language

Variants of English

English is a world language. This is why it differs slightly depending on the area where it is spoken. British and American English are the two most influential versions. If you’re getting to grips with the language, it’s important to know the differences between them and not to use BrE and AmE interchangeably, whether in an essay or in an e-mail to a friend. Otherwise, you may have trouble getting ahead in your career or passing an English test.

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