How to Train Attentiveness? Seven Effective Ways

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Life is not easy for inattentive people. They do not notice what is happening around them. They badly memorize faces, new routes and subjects. They also rarely achieve success at work and become objects of jokes. That is why many of them are trying to find effective exercises to develop attention and to improve their ability to focus on what is really important. Fortunately, these exercises do exist.

What Is the Attention?

Attention is a concept in a cognitive psychology, which indicates the degree of activity of the processing of specific information that we receive from the environment. You are reading this article, and at this moment the world around you makes a lot of sounds you hear, you can see what happens in the street, looking out the window, you feel the softness and warmth of your clothes and remember yesterday's conversation with a friend.

Attention can be of two kinds. The first kind is the arbitrary attention. You focus on some object, trying to remember it as detailed as possible. The second one is the involuntary attention. You memorize information without any effort, but under the influence of emotions you memorize anything very well.

Why Do You Need to Train Attentiveness?

Being a student, you need to be very attentive at the lecture, at home, when you are doing your homework. Long story short, we need attentiveness in our everyday life. Some people think that if they do not go out from home in different socks and are capable to remember the face of a new employee only for the first time, there are no problems with attentiveness and they do not need to train it. These people are wrong. To see the full picture, not paying attention to the details is impossible. If you are not able to concentrate on the details, you need to train attentiveness as soon as it is possible. Well, imagine that you are a witness of a crime, and as an honest person, decided to report to the police. However, because of your inattention all what you can say about the criminal, that it was a man. You do not remember the color of his hair, his height, his approximate age and what he was wearing. You stand in front of the police and understand that you cannot identify the perpetrator, even if the police officer arrests him. Criminal will stay on the streets because of your negligence. Of course, jokes aside, attentiveness is a vital thing, which helps in the professional and personal life.

Effective Ways How to Improve Your Attentiveness

Attentiveness will not train by itself. If you are really trying to understand how to develop your attention, you will have to make some effort to achieve the goal. How to train attentiveness? Here a few simple ways, that will be helpful for your attention.

Keep a Diary


Firstly, it is not essay writing (you can read about it at Try to make your diary not like “my life is bad, no one loves me.” Instead of this you can write the description of the events that happened to you, portraits of people with whom you get to know, buildings that impress you etc. From time to time reread the writing, and make changes, if you recall some details. If you have some problems not only with attention but also with memory, then write down the names of people with whom you have recently met (you can even add a small characteristic), addresses and phone numbers, to-do lists and shopping, etc.  Always work with your notes and make some conclusions. So, you will know how to train your memory and attentiveness.

Get the Effect of Presence

How many times do you go with your thoughts somewhere far away, disconnecting from what other people talk, or hiding behind dark glasses and headphones on the bus noise, completely retiring into yourself? Stop doing it. Once you catch yourself on the fact that the thoughts float somewhere far away, immediately return.

What Prevents You from Improving Attentiveness?

Of course, your main enemies are you and your laziness. The easiest way to get rid of the problems is the phrase “I am who I am” and to stop working on yourself. If you like this position, we have no objection. If you do not want to play the role of a scattered person, you have to work hard to develop your attention.

Effective Ways How to Improve Your Attention

  1. Look at the unknown picture with a lot of details for 10 seconds. Then close your eyes and try to list all the details that you remembered. If you name less than five details, then you will have to train your attention for a long time.
  2. Take pencils to the left and right hands. Draw geometric shapes simultaneously with both hands. Try to keep the size and shape of both patterns the same.
  3. Put a stopwatch near the television, on which there is an interesting program. Now look at the clock for two minutes, not glancing at the TV screen. When the time is over, tell yourself what happened in the program, when you looked at the clock. If you cannot remember anything, then you have rather developed attentiveness.
  4. Take a long word, such as “parallelogram” and make the maximum number of small words of its letters.
  5. The game “Spot the Difference.” Playing this game is interesting even when you are an adult. You can find a lot of such images on the Internet.
  6. Walk constantly by different routes, remembering the details of buildings, the location of road signs, etc. Write down everything that you have memorized on a piece of paper.

We hope that this information was helpful for you. Good luck and be healthy!

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