How to Deal with Essay Writing About Aliens


Do aliens exist? Can we meet them? What will be the result of this contact? And finally, how to write a good essay about this topic?

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Alien Essay Questions

The quantity of different questions you can ask in your text is great, because the topic is mainly based on different theories. This means your fantasy remains unlimited. There are lots of future discoveries.

Do Aliens Exist?

This is the question for a good essay introduction. It bothers everyone who is interested in the topic, and there is no actual answer to call it right. So, in theory, you’ve got the whole space to describe. Answering this question might seem to be easy, yet explaining and argumentation of your answer’s reasons is the separate essay topic.

Is it more likely to seem that aliens are there somewhere? Or maybe our world is an accident, an exception and not a rule, so mankind is completely alone in the Universe? Why do you think that way, not another?

Where Are They?

In case if you think aliens exist, you may try to explain where you would look for them if you were a space explorer. There are thousands of thousands of planetary systems all over the Galaxy, so many of them might be inhabited. Use your logic and imagination while describing this in your essay.

Where should we look for the alien life? Are the inhabited worlds close to our Solar system, or we need to go thousands of light years away from it to have any chance to meet life near the farthest star? Maybe, you even think there is another Universe somewhere beyond?

Who Are They?

This is another question bothering millions of science enthusiasts, sci-fi writers and readers. The outer look of aliens; the way they think and communicate with the world and each other; their organisms’ internal structure… All this and even more remains unknown for now.

Who will we meet above our heavens and stars? Will aliens be humanoids? Insectoids? Reptiloids? Or will they represent the completely different type of life? There are numerous variations again.

When Will Mankind Meet Aliens?

We know what we need to bring our astronauts farther than Mars’s orbit. Yet even the high-end technologies of modern civilization are unable to bring humans to the Red Planet faster than in a half of the year. Hypothetically, a single fly to the Solar system’s borders would take us years and extremely huge amount of resources to make it possible. And the nearest outer star called Proxima Centauri lies in 4.2 light-years from Earth.

Far Galaxy

So, can you guess when humans will be able to explore space and to meet aliens? What technological inventions are needed to make this possible? Many people think aliens already found us. Think and write your aliens essay.

How Developed Are Other Civilizations?

That’s tricky. Yes, the idea of aliens’ total technological superiority on us is the dominating one. Their spaceships are faster than light, and their science is way ahead of ours…

Yet what if they are not as cool scientists as we think? Maybe, a science level of alien civilization can be compared to one of our medieval times? Or even more ancient? What if we are the greatest civilization in the Galaxy?

Okay, those were questions for the alien life theory supporters. Let’s bring some arguments from the opposition.

Essay Arguments Against Aliens

We Are Not Prepared

This is one of the main arguments telling people to stop looking for a life beyond Earth. They say that even if aliens exist, it’s just too early for us to get in contact with another mind. Humans risk to be just too primitive for this meeting, and then the consequences can’t be predicted.

Who can guarantee mankind not to be enslaved or even humiliated by highly developed and aggressive alien race? Can anyone be sure that seeking for contacts is safe?

Fermi Paradox

In 1950, the Italian physician Enrico Fermi had an unformal discussion about humans and the Universe with his colleagues. When it came to arguments for aliens’ existence, Fermi asked: “So, where are they?” Fermi thought, that if there were any developed civilizations in Space, humans would find the marks of their existence already. The Great Space Silence as it is.

Natural Differences

What do we know about aliens? Literally nothing. So, if we’ve got only theories, nobody can guarantee they’ll be like us. Maybe, their organisms will not be some kind similar to ours. Possibly, they won’t be like that at all.

For instance, aliens can be creatures made of high-temperature plasma. This will make our interaction with them quite difficult to be carried out. Is it impossible? Why so? Because we can’t imagine life looking like that?

General Aliens Essay Advice

Remember, our knowledge about the world is not complete. Actually, humans know less than they don’t. So, while writing your essay on aliens, allow yourself to dream a lot. Imagine possible colonies humanity could build on the Moon, Venus, Mars or anywhere else sometime.

Then, our kind would go to other stars, planetary systems, separate planets which possibly are the worlds of alien races. There are lots of new discoveries waiting for us. Who will meet us at the end of this journey?

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