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Research Papers for an English Language Course. Part 3: Pedagogy & ELT

International Students in Class

The global community of language educators has recently raised the question about the general effectiveness of classroom language teaching. No, it is not that somebody doubts the very necessity to teach both mother and foreign tongues at schools and universities. The question is HOW to teach them and interest students in learning them. So, this is what you can muse over in your research.

Research Paper for English Language. Part 1: History and Culture

Old Books and Candles

Language is probably the most ubiquitous tool we use to satisfy our needs and get what we want on a daily basis. Our ability to speak and write seems so natural and obvious that it may appear quite difficult to come up with an idea of a narrow and exhaustive topic for decent linguistic research. Especially when you realize that your findings should be presented in a 10-page research paper and meet all possible standards of academic writing and investigation.

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