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Internet Slang Explanation: Stay Trendy

Internet Slang

In recent years, there appeared lots of communicational channels and instruments in our lives. Humanity can’t imagine their reality without personal computers, laptops, mobile phones and smartphones, and without apps that allow to communicate using these devices. It is logical, that the language itself changes with the introduction of new ways of sending messages. Our essay writing service would like to offer you making your English lexicon wider by getting familiar with Internet and SMS abbreviations and shortened word. Actualize your knowledge with us!

Useful Mistakes

Mistaken Person

Many people had a childhood lesson about that it is not allowed to make mistakes. If you suffered a defeat, this meant that you were not good enough and didn’t try hard. As a result, you start being afraid or ever ashamed of your mistakes: you could hide them or even try to make them look better.

10 Speech Tricks

Speaker Trick

No, it’s not about parasite words, bad diction or public speech anxiety. The biggest mistake orator can make is when his or her speech is just not interesting for the audience. Below in this article, there are 10 tricks from pro writers which you can use when preparing and providing your presentation in order to make the audience listen to your speech till the very end.

Healthy Lifestyle Excuses

Healthy Nutrition

The decision of providing a healthy life is to be serious and implemented at once. “I should…” and “On Monday” don’t work. Yep, everyone knows that, and people who write orders for us do as well. This is nothing more but a self-excuse. Let’s take a look onto shapes of these excuses, and how to break one’s delusions about the healthy way of life

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