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Article Writing

Article writing is difficult and specific, because your task is to impress your reader and tell something new and interesting within a short text. To reach this aim successfully you should have a well-developed writing skill, and this comes with experience.

Important Features of Article Writing

Here are a few points worth knowing about article writing.

  1. Conciseness

    Remember, that you have the limited length. You should rather take care about telling some important details, than about adding some less important explanations or examples. The text should have no more and not less words to have the proper sense. If you cannot take off words without the text losing its sense, you have done everything properly.

  2. A Catchy Heading

    A good article can be recognized by a catchy heading. Your task is to create a heading, which intrigues the reader and makes him want to read the article text. It is possible to formulate the heading in form of a problematic question. An evidence shows, that idioms and their transformations also help to reach this purpose well.

    Learn How to Impress
  3. A Good Structure of the Text

    Your article needs to be clear and the writing should better be dynamic. Therefore, we advise you to avoid long paragraphs. A good paragraph contains around 6-7 sentences and covers one particular idea with its explanations and examples. A 5 paragraph structure won’t be suitable unless your article is extra short (1-1,5 pages long).

  4. Clear Language

    There should not be too long sentences and too many terms. Balance the scientific language with the simple words, so your reader won’t get confused.

    Do Not Confuse Your Reader

Article Writing Assistance

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